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Lime Daisy Flower Tin Tea Set 15Pcs

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Product Description

Bring a touch of spring to your child's tea parties with the Lime Daisy Flower Tin Tea Set. This charming set includes everything needed for fun and imaginative play with friends and teddy bears.

Designed by Kaper Kidz, this adorable tea set is made from durable tin and features a delightful lime green background with pink daisy flowers. Perfect for indoor use or outdoor tea parties, it fosters creativity, social skills, and joyful role-playing activities for children aged 3 years and up.

  • Brand: Kaper Kidz
  • Colour: Lime and Pink
  • Size: Teapot approx. 12cmL x 8cmW x8.5cmH
  • Recommended Age: 3 years plus

Features and Benefits

Enhance Children's Social Skills - Engaging in a tea party with friends or family encourages children to interact, communicate, and cooperate with others. It promotes sharing, taking turns, and building relationships through imaginative play.

Stimulate Creativity - Pretend play activities like hosting a tea party allow children to unleash their creativity and imagination. They can invent unique scenarios, create stories, and develop their language skills as they role-play different characters.

Promotes Cognitive Development - Playing with the Lime Daisy Flower Tin Tea Set helps children enhance cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. They can practice counting, matching, and organizing while setting up the tea party table.

Encourages Fine Motor Skills - Handling the teacups, saucers, plates, and teapot in the set requires children to manipulate small objects with precision. This contributes to the development of their fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

Soft on Safe for Playtime - Crafted from durable and smooth-edged metal tin, this tea set is safe for young children to handle during playtime. It eliminates the risk of sharp edges or breakable materials, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for kids.

Beautiful Springtime Design - The charming lime green background and pink flower details on the tea set create a visually appealing aesthetic that captivates children's attention. The vibrant colours evoke feelings of joy and excitement, enhancing the overall play experience.

Portable and Easy Storage - With its lightweight and compact design, the tea set is highly portable and convenient to carry around for tea parties indoors or outdoors. After playtime, the set can be neatly stored away in a cupboard or toy box, promoting organization and tidiness.

Spark Joyful Role-Playing Activities - Imagining themselves as hosts or guests at a tea party, children can explore different roles and personalities, fostering empathy and social awareness. They can practice manners, etiquette, and hospitality while engaging in playful scenarios.

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