Kids Outdoor Play Equipment for Backyard Playground

Let children explore and play in their own playground at home.

Play is an important part of childhood development and can mean more than just having fun. Childrens Outdoor Play sets builds fine motor skills and social skills and even teaches your child how to keep themselves entertained during the day and use their imagination to create an outdoor game and activities for kids.

At Kids Mega Mart, we understand when it's time to buy outdoor play equipment, you want to invest in quality products that are safe, fun, and long-lasting for hours of playtime.

Our backyard playground equipment has been designed for safety and to provide hours of fun for your kids at home during outdoor playtime and increase their physical activity for kids. We believe that most kids are happiest when outdoors, running, jumping, climbing activities and exploring the world around them. So we have taken great care to ensure that our quality outdoor play equipment collection gives your children the freedom and energy to do just that.

Set up your environment with Backyard Play Equipment Products

Are you looking for the best outdoor playground equipment playset for creating a fun and safe outdoor play space for the kids in your kid-friendly backyard?

Whether you're looking for backyard playgrounds, outdoor Swing set, regular slide, Baby Swings, Amazon Monkey Bar set, Cubby House, Trampolines, Inflatable Jumping Castle, Seesaws, Sandpit toy, Sand Water Table, kids furniture wood and plastic picnic table with bench, mud kitchen, or Ride on Toys for Kids like Ride on Cars, Balance Bikes, Push and Electric Scooters, kid bike perfect for bike rides on bike paths and bike tracks, we have a wide range of affordable play equipment to fit your outdoor space and budget.

Metal and Wooden Swing Sets Playsets and Range of Swing Accessories

Traditional Swing sets are not only fun for children but also helps with physical development during play. Children will develop strength in their upper body and core while improving balance, flexibility, and coordination. While the swings are made of different durable materials, there are many more similarities between these popular swing set styles than differences. Both wooden and metal swing set quality play equipment come in a variety of designs, with small and larger frames including Toddler swing sets and adjustable swings or slide of toddlers in a variety of colors. These are a terrific choice and can be a great investment for your family's yard space and the perfect backyard playground.

Backyard Discovery domestic playground equipment with swings provides a range of backyard play systems that are perfect for Australian backyards with larger play spaces, includes everything your children might want. The backyard playset is large enough to accommodate multiple children at the same time. We are confident you will be pleased with the Backyard Discovery awesome play centres swing set products.

We also have a range of accessories for solid wood and metals swing that can be added to your kids swing sets to transform your classic playground sets into something fun and exciting for your children.  Swing accessory products including Basketball Hoops, Trapeze Bar, Nest Swing, Seat Belt, Rope Ladders, monkey seat, glider and Baby extra equipment depending on your family's needs.

Junior Jungle Metal Playground Equipment Modular Design Playsets

Make dreams come true with the modern design Junior Jungle Backyard Playground Equipment. Build your very own jungle playground for kids in your backyard. Simply add Junior Jungle modules to extend your jungle by creating more activities for your little ones. There are many different modules features, including Monkey Bars, Flying Fox and Rope Climbing Wall. The Junior Jungle modular design, quality play equipment is made of galvanized steel and is strong and durable construction. The colourful kids playground equipment will keep the children entertained with tons of features and encourage Fitness activities, exercise, and build healthy muscles while improving their hand-eye coordination while the kids play.

Trampolines and Trampoline Accessories Outdoor Play Equipment

Trampolines are perfect for getting kids active and engaged. A range of trampoline brands, frame size, shapes and colours are available for all ages.

When installing a trampoline, Safety Clearances are mandatory. You should not set up a Trampoline in close proximity to obstacles or near tree, tree roots or any other structures. Ensure there is ample space around the trampoline. Refer to the user manual or contact us for further information. Check the safety perimeter from any trees, houses or other structures, and ensure that the safety net is secured in case of a fall. Make sure you are safe, Make sure you have ample space to exercise, jump and play. It is important to choose a trampoline that fits the space available and ensure that it is sturdy and secure and is suitable for the maximum weight capacity.

Have hours of Fun with Cubby House Playground Equipment

Playing outside is fun and having a cubby house childrens playhouse is an essential part of having a kid-friendly safe space in their cottage garden. A Kids outdoor cubby house can be used as an attractive and child-friendly play spaces for outdoor activities and a hide-out area for children to relax. The range of playground equipment can be used for classic game and to have lots of fun with play activities for children.

An affordable option is the Teddy cubby house or Keezi Wooden Cubby House with a wood roof is a quality wooden product.  The childrens playhouse are durable Toddler Toy for your Backyard Environment and have adorable features with sturdy construction for peace of mind. If you're looking for good quality affordable wooden toys for children then you might be interested in the Keezi Cubby playhouse.

A variety of cottage playhouse Cubby House wooden play equipment also includes climbing equipment, Rock Wall, Climbing Ladder kit, Wavy Slides, Tube Slides, rope ladder, belt swing seat, steering wheel attachments, use chalk pieces to draw on the chalkboard easel, upper fort area, built-in picnic table and wooden sandbox cool features and outdoor play ideas.

Kinds of Playground climbing frame structures and Monkey Bars

There are different types of climbing equipment for climbers that you can buy at Kids Mega Mart to use at home. They are made of plastic, wood, steel and aluminium and provide various climbing features.

The main purpose of building a climbing frame is to teach your children the fundamental movement skills of climbing, balancing and sliding. They also promote fitness and build a child's confidence to climb.

The wide variety of Outdoor Climbing Frames backyard play equipment activity pieces Dome Climber, Monkey Bars, Amazon Monkey Bar with handles, rope and mini rock climbing wall equipment for kids are suitable for various ages from Toddler Kids to School-Age Children and cater for different outdoor activity levels.

Jumping Castles and Inflatable Water Slide

Are you looking for ideas or activities for a birthday party or a specific event? Consider one of our Inflatable Play Centre with a giant slide, Jumping Castles, bounce houses or inflatable water slides outdoor water playset for your backyard party. The Atlantis water slide or crocs play centre - Lifespan Kids is a fantastic piece and the Perfect Play Equipment for kid Backyard Fun events and are a great outdoor toy for kids.

The inflatable fun play equipment is also an exciting addition to your kids party entertainment birthday event! With an inflatable slide, they provide a fun experience for all the young guests.

Child Sport Basketball Hoops and Soccer Nets for Physical Development

There are many different sport outdoor activities and fun game for engagement with friends that children can participate in. The physical and social skills they learn by playing yard games can be used for a lifetime.

A soccer net portable play equipment, kids - outdoor playset is a great way to have fun with your friends and family. It is an inexpensive item to buy and makes it possible to play games outdoors. You can play soccer outdoor with goals and set the ideal game time to allow for breaks during play.

Bringing back a kids playground outdoor activity game like basketball hoop for your child to play at home can be a great teaching experience with child development sporting activities. The benefits for child with basketball hoop, ball skills you can help teach them to dribble, throw the ball, and get them involved with physical activities, as well as the hoops being portable playground equipment for children. This active time can help them build up their muscles and keep them away from a sedentary lifestyle and screen time and increase their confidence in readiness for basketball courts playing game time. It can also be used for an active game and to have affordable family fun.

Nature Play Equipment Mud Kitchen Outdoor Playsets

Playing with a Mud kitchen is an action-packed activity centre that keeps kids busy and combines pretend to cook delicious food role playing sensory experience with kitchen equipment, arts and crafts, and creating in a natural environment. Mud kitchens give kids the opportunity to play with mud, sand and water in the mud pie kitchen sink straight from their amazing backyard toy kitchen, making it an exciting child safe fun experience in their outdoor environment.

Kids Outdoor Garden Bench Table and Chair in a Range of Products Colors

Modern design garden outdoor furniture setting is becoming more and more popular these days, with families wanting more and more out of their family friendly outdoor space. Entire family members expect their outdoor area furniture to look good, blend in with beautiful colors, and be both functional and practical in their contemporary space with comfortable outdoor seating.

Sandpit and Sand and Water Activity Tables for Toddler Kids Outdoor Spaces

Sand pit favourite playgrounds activity toys are an excellent choice for kids as they help them learn about things such as gravity and volume. They can make castles and some can be used to just play with water toys. Sand is a good way to teach kids to understand the unique properties of liquids and solids.

Playful Sand Table Sand Pit Outdoor Activities are easy to clean up after and can be left for the kids to play with whenever they want. In addition, they add a sense of interest to kids outdoor playsets and they can also be used for a variety of fun games, they come in a variety of fun colors. Choosing a play toy should depend on the kids ages and level of development.

The boat Pirate ships sand pit and the canopy sandpit with adjustable canopy height are popular choice for hot summer days and are a great example of a fun and educational toy with natural space. These durable toddler toy sand pits are great for the garden backyard and kids will have a blast digging and making forts with them. These pirate ship sand pit wooden sandbox adorable playset are easy to clean and can be converted to playground ball pits for extra playtime with plastic balls.

Playground Safety of Toys

Make sure the child is playing with toys that are age appropriate. Safety factors and a child's developmental stage determine the age range levels for toys. Follow the instructions and warning statement on packaging and user manuals and ensure there is plenty of space for the width and height of equipment clearance for swings and backyard play structures. You can also landscape design your home adventure playground with soft landings for safety, using rubber mulch, soft-landing mulch, wood chips or rubber tile surface materials to create the ideal backyard space for kids.

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