Comfy Kids Convertible Sofa 8 Piece Set Grey

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Product Description

Transform Playtime with Our Modular Kids Sofa!

Enjoy endless fun with our 8-piece kids modular play sofa set! Featuring two supportive triangular pillows, two half-circle cushions, a thick folding mat and a thin folding mat, the sofa set offers endless possibilities to stimulate creativity, Imagination, motor skills and logical capability. Plus, these cushions can be easily moved with a practical black fabric handle.

Grey Convertible Sofa - Fun and Functional!

Our 8-piece sofa set offers various free combinations such as a chair, fort, tunnel, bridge, spaceship, sofa, car, tent, slide, bed lounge or anything your kids can imagine. Additionally, featuring machine-washable fabric and smooth zippers, the soft suede cover can be removed easily for machine washing. Made from durable & child-friendly material, the sofa is not easily deform. It is a perfect gift for your kids! 

8 Piece Modular Kids Sofa

Consisting of 2 triangular pillows, 2 semi-circular cushions, a thick folding mat and a thin folding mat, this 8-piece children's toy set can be easily reconfigured into 2 chairs, a sofa, a tunnel, a fort, a car, a tent, a slide, a bed lounge or anything that your kids can imagine.

Kid-Friendly & Safe Design

Made of soft suede fabric and high-density sponge, this comfortable sofa is safe and durable for children of all ages. The high elastic sponge is strong enough to withstand various adventure activities of children, providing them with a soft surface to crawl, jump and rest without fear of falling. The non-toxic material is EN71 certified for safe use.

Perfect Gift for Imaginative Kids

More than just for fun, this modular sofa set will inspire child's unlimited creativity, imagination, logical capability and other potentials while reducing screen time. What’s better, parents can spend quality time building stronger relationships with their children by joining this fun activity.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to the smooth zipper, the soft suede fabric cover can be easily removed for machine washing. In addition, this skin-friendly fabric features high resistance to fading, shrinkage and shedding, with built-in handles for easy movement.

Restore Step

If you receive this set that is not in its original shape, don't worry. First, open the package and take out the vacuum cushion roll. Then unroll it till it is flat, and wait for 48 hours for the foam to expand after opening, and it will turn back to normal shape and thickness.


  • Various building combinations of 8-piece sofa playset
  • Allowing children to enjoy playtime with parents with less screen time
  • Soft padded cushion for children of all ages, and suitable for both kids and adults
  • High-density sponge provides robust support for kids to crawl, jump, play and explore without fear of falling
  • Durable and comfortable fabric is resistant to shrinking, fading, and shedding
  • EN71 certified for safe use
  • Lightweight design and portable handles for easy mobility and convenient storage
  • Wait for 48 hours for the foam to expand back to normal shape and thickness
  • Inspires child's potential by fostering creativity, imagination, and logical capability 


Colour: Grey
Material: Suede Fabric, Sponge
Item weight: 12 kg
Overall Dimension: 168 x 84 x 55 cm (L x W x H)
Dimension of Semi-circular Cushion: 84 x 25 x 12.5 cm (L x W x H)
Dimension of Triangular Pillow:55 x 36 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
Dimension of Thick Cushion: 168 x 84 x 14 cm (L x W x H)
Dimension of Thin Cushion: 168 x 84 x 8 cm (L x W x H)

Package includes

2 X Semi-circular Cushion
2 X Triangular Pillow
1 X Thick Cushion
1 X Thin Cushion
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