Geppetto Hand Puppet

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Product Description

The Geppetto Hand Puppet from Kaper Kidz is a delightful addition to any playtime routine. Measuring 33cm tall with a colourful and engaging design, this hand puppet is perfect for children aged 3 years and older. Encouraging imaginative play and storytelling, this puppet is a great tool for creative expression and performance.

Handcrafted with a wooden head and non-toxic paint, the Geppetto Hand Puppet is safe for both kids and adults to use. Whether you're putting on a puppet show or simply enjoying interactive play, this puppet is sure to provide hours of entertainment and fun. Don't miss out on adding this charming puppet to your collection.

  • Brand: Kaper Kidz
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Size: 33 x 6 x 7cm
  • Recommended Age: 3 years plus

Benefits of the Geppetto Hand Puppet

Enhances Creativity

The Geppetto Hand Puppet is a great tool for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling. Children can create their own stories and characters, enhancing their creativity and narrative skills.

Interactive Play

This hand puppet allows for interactive play between children and adults. Whether putting on a puppet show or simply playing together, the Geppetto Hand Puppet can help strengthen bonds and communication between family members.

Role-playing Aid

Utilizing the hand puppet in role-playing scenarios can help children develop empathy and emotional intelligence. They can explore different characters and situations, learning to understand others' perspectives.

Fine Motor Skills

Maneuvering the puppet's movements with hand gestures and control can improve fine motor skills in young children. It requires coordination and dexterity, aiding in their physical development.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The Geppetto Hand Puppet is made with non-toxic materials, ensuring it is safe for children to play with. The wooden head and painted features are carefully crafted for a safe and enjoyable play experience.

Educational Value

Using puppets in play can have educational benefits, such as language development, vocabulary expansion, and storytelling skills. The Geppetto Hand Puppet can be a valuable tool for learning through play.

Entertainment for All Ages

While suitable for children aged 3 and above, this hand puppet can also be enjoyed by adults. It is a versatile toy that can provide entertainment and relaxation for all ages.

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