4 in 1 Dinosaur Puzzle & Luminous

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Product Description

Introducing the 4 in 1 Dinosaur Puzzle and Luminous from Kids Mega Mart. This fabulous puzzle pack includes four different dinosaur jigsaw puzzles per set, featuring Pterosaurs, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, and Mosasaurus. The large pieces make it easy for kids to hold and put together, and the unique glow-in-the-dark feature showcases the skeleton designs.

Perfect for stimulating fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities, this dinosaur puzzle set is recommended for children ages 3 and up. The vibrant colours and luminous glow make it a fun and educational toy for young minds to enjoy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to engage your little ones with this exciting and detailed puzzle set.

  • Brand: JarMelo
  • Colour: The puzzles feature different dinosaur designs and glow in the dark
  • Size: Each puzzle is made up of large pieces, making it easy for children to hold and put together. Approximate measurements are 0.275m x 0.1m
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children aged 3 years and above

Benefits of the 4 in 1 Dinosaur Puzzle and Luminous

1. Enhances Fine Motor Skills: This puzzle set requires children to manipulate and connect pieces, improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. As they hold and piece together the puzzles, they enhance their dexterity and control over movements.

2. Develops Problem-Solving Skills: By figuring out how to fit each piece together to form the complete dinosaur image, children exercise their problem-solving skills. They learn to analyze, strategize, and think critically to complete the puzzles successfully.

3. Encourages Creativity and Imagination: As children engage in the puzzle-solving process, they use their creativity and imagination to envision the completed dinosaur images. This activity can inspire storytelling and imaginative play, fostering a creative mindset.

4. Provides Educational Value: The inclusion of different dinosaur species in this puzzle set offers educational benefits. Children can learn about these prehistoric creatures while assembling the puzzles. It sparks curiosity and makes learning fun through hands-on play.

5. Glow in the Dark Feature: The unique feature of these puzzles glowing in the dark adds an element of excitement and fascination for children. It creates a new dimension to their play experience and allows them to see the dinosaur skeleton imagery when the lights are off.

6. Promotes Patience and Persistence: Working on jigsaw puzzles requires patience and persistence as children focus on completing each piece. This activity helps them build resilience, perseverance, and concentration skills as they work towards reaching the end goal.

7. Encourages Social Interaction: Puzzles can also be enjoyed collaboratively, promoting social interaction among children. When working on the puzzles together, children learn to communicate, cooperate, and share ideas, fostering teamwork and friendship bonds.

These benefits make the 4 in 1 Dinosaur Puzzle and Luminous a valuable educational and engaging toy for children, offering hours of entertainment and developmental growth.

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