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Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs 20Pcs

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Product Description

Transport your child to a world of prehistoric wonder with the Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs set from Koala Dream. This 20-piece wooden toy set allows for endless imagination and storytelling as your child arranges and rearranges the magnetic pieces on any magnetic surface.

Crafted from non-toxic materials, the Magnetic Dinosaurs set is designed with safety and durability in mind, ensuring hours of creative play for children aged 3 years and up. Watch as your child enhances cognitive development and fine motor skills while exploring the fascinating world of dinosaurs through imaginative play. Order now and let the dinosaur adventures come to life.

  • Brand: Kaper Kidz
  • Material: Plywood, Magnetic Sheet
  • Recommended Age: 3 years plus
  • Content Pieces: 20 Magnetic Dinosaurs

Benefits of Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs:

Enhance cognitive development

Playing with the Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs encourages children to use their thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and memory to create imaginative scenarios with the dinosaurs. This process aids in enhancing their cognitive development as they navigate through various challenges while playing.

Encourages imaginative play

The Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs set sparks imagination in children as they create different settings and scenarios with the magnetic pieces. By combining different dinosaurs and creating unique stories, kids engage in endless imaginative play which helps develop their creativity and storytelling skills.

Improve memory

As children play with the Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs set, they are constantly picking and choosing different dinosaur pieces to put together. This process exercises their memory as they remember which pieces they have used, which enhances their memory retention and recall skills over time.

Creating epic Jurassic scenes

The variety of dinosaur pieces in the set allows children to create elaborate Jurassic scenes on any magnetic surface. From volcanic eruptions to dinosaur migrations, kids can let their creativity run wild and build stunning prehistoric worlds filled with adventure and excitement.

Unleash a fascination for dinosaurs

By playing with the Fridge Friends Magnetic Dinosaurs, children get to learn about different dinosaur species and their characteristics. This experience can ignite a passion for palaeontology and natural history, sparking curiosity in the world of dinosaurs and science.

Through these benefits, children not only have fun playing with the magnetic dinosaurs but also acquire valuable skills and knowledge that contribute to their cognitive and emotional development.

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