Y Fliker Lift Self Propelling

The coolest wheels on the block! The Y Fliker is revved up to the max with a lightweight frame and super grip-wheels for insane stunts. Its unique patented LIFT mechanism lets you pull off crazy wheelies and even drift sideways on two wheels!

Twist your hips to self-propel up to top speed, carve up the streets and have some fun. Want to pop a wheelie? Simply lean back and feel the LIFT system engage while you leave everyone behind with endless handlebar spins and cool tricks!

Main Features:

For Ages 7+
Patented LIFT technology for sideways wheelies
360-degree spinning trick handlebars
Performance super-grip wheels for speed
Quick response brake for increased control
Twist and stow folding system
More Info:

Height: 98.5cm
Depth: 105cm
Width: 65.5cm
Weight: 10.5kg