Removable Fabric Multi-bin Toy Box

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The bookshelf is made from a MDF frame for sturdiness and is designed with round
edges for safety.

* 6-bin toy box
* Eco-friendly
* Non-toxic NC paint finish
* Safe rounded edges
* Removable non-woven bins
* Solid MDF frame
* Easy to assemble

* Frame: MDF board
* Finish: NC paint
* Bins: Non-woven fabric
* Frame length: 37cm
* Top tier width: 14cm
* First tier width: 20cm
* Second tier width: 26cm
* Third tier width: 32cm
* Height in each tier: 13cm
* Frame height: 54cm
* Quantity of bins: 6

Package Contents
6 x Multi-bin Toy Box
1 x Assembly Manual