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Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space

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Product Description

Explore the wonders of the universe with the Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space by Tooky Toy. Spark your child's imagination with this captivating playset featuring planets, space ships, astronauts, and more. Designed to enhance creativity and hand-eye coordination, this educational toy provides endless hours of fun for young space enthusiasts aged 3 years and up.

With 60 magnetic pieces, 12 cards, and 3 magnetic boards, this playset encourages kids to create their own celestial scenes and embark on interstellar adventures. Made from durable cardboard and magnets, the Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space is portable and perfect for on-the-go entertainment. Let your child learn about the cosmos while having a blast exploring the mysteries of space with this stellar playtime experience.

  • Brand: Tooky Toy
  • Materials: Cardboard, Magnet
  • Recommended Age: 3 years plus
  • Includes: 60 magnetic pieces, 12 cards, 3 magnetic boards

Benefits of the Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space:

Stimulates Creativity and Imagination

The Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space encourages children to think outside the box and create their own cosmic adventures. By exploring different design combinations and scenarios, kids can let their imagination run wild and invent unique stories set in space.

Educational Learning Experience

This playset is not only engaging but also educational. Kids can learn about the planets, Earth, the Sun, space ships, and astronauts while playing with the magnetic stickers. It introduces children to basic concepts of outer space in a fun and interactive way.

Develops Hand-eye Coordination

As children manipulate and place the magnetic pieces on the board, they are improving their hand-eye coordination. This fine motor skill development is essential for tasks such as writing, drawing, and completing puzzles.

Encourages Problem-solving Skills

With multiple design options and magnetic stickers to arrange, children are encouraged to problem-solve and strategize. They must figure out how to piece together the elements to create the desired scene, promoting critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Portable Entertainment

The compact design of the Magnetic Travel Play Box makes it perfect for on-the-go entertainment. Whether traveling in the car, waiting at a restaurant, or visiting a friend's house, kids can easily bring this playset along for hours of fun. It ensures that imaginative play is always accessible and provides a screen-free alternative for entertainment.

Enhances Spatial Awareness

By arranging the magnetic stickers on the board to create space scenes, children are enhancing their spatial awareness. They learn how to manipulate and position objects in relation to each other, improving their understanding of spatial concepts.

Overall, the Magnetic Travel Play Box - Space offers endless opportunities for creative play, hands-on learning, and skill development for young space enthusiasts. Its engaging and educational features make it a valuable addition to any child's toy collection.

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