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Magnetic Puzzle Board- Farm

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Introducing the Magnetic Puzzle Board- Farm by Tooky Toy. This timber framed magnetic whiteboard comes complete with geometric magnetic shapes, farm scenery components, and whiteboard markers to provide hours of creativity and imagination. Children can learn shapes, colours, and stimulate role play while enhancing problem-solving abilities and concentration.

Crafted from high-quality Pine Wood and MDF, this interactive puzzle board is designed for children aged 3 years and above to improve spatial intelligence. With 84 content pieces and interchangeable background cards, this set offers endless possibilities for storytelling and imaginative play. Don't miss out on this educational and entertaining toy that will keep little ones engaged for hours.

  • Brand: Tooky Toy
  • Colour: Various
  • Size: 36x27x1.2cm
  • Material: Pine Wood, MDF

Benefits of the Magnetic Puzzle Board- Farm

Enhances problem-solving ability: This magnetic puzzle board challenges children to figure out where each shape fits on the board, improving their problem-solving skills. As they experiment with different combinations, they learn about spatial arrangements and develop critical thinking.

Improves concentration: Playing with the magnetic shapes and creating different scenes on the whiteboard requires concentration and focus. This activity helps children enhance their ability to stay engaged in a task for longer periods, ultimately improving their concentration skills.

Enhances spatial intelligence: By manipulating the magnetic shapes on the board to create different farm scenes, children enhance their spatial intelligence. They learn about shapes, sizes, and how objects relate to each other in space, contributing to their overall spatial awareness.

Stimulates creativity: The interchangeable background cards provide a variety of settings for children to explore and get creative with storytelling. This feature encourages children to use their imagination and come up with unique stories and scenarios, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Encourages role-play: Creating farm scenes and playing with the different components on the magnetic puzzle board stimulates role-play. Children can pretend to be farmers, animal caretakers, or even create their own narrative based on the farm theme, enhancing their imaginative play skills.

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