ALPHA 41 Inch 5 Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar Set Full Size Natural

Sitting on a couch at home playing guitar and singing with your mates or sitting around the campfire and singing in harmony is definitely enjoyable and fun; and this Professional 5-Band EQ 41"" Electric Acoustic Guitar is the perfect guitar for you. This electric acoustic guitar is suitable for guitar performers at all levels.

Crafted from the finest materials, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its back and side. With Hardwood neck and fingerboard, the cutaway delivers beautiful sound and chic look at one time. The guitar comes with a shoulder strap that you are not limited to sitting positions. Also, there’s a 3M cable and extra steel strings included in the set. Don’t miss out! Order this Professional 5-Band EQ 41 Electric Acoustic Guitar now!

* 41"" dreadnought acoustic guitar
* Professional 5-Band EQ
* Amplifier compatible
* Beautiful wood construction
* Sleek lacquer finish
* Wide waist design
* Great tone balance
* Excellent acoustic resonance
* 21 fret positions
* Adjustable truss rod
* Shoulder strap, picks and battery included
* Durable carry bag for easy transportation
* Comes with an extra 6 steel strings and a clip-on electronic tuner
* Bonus 1 x portable guitar stand

* Body material: Laminated Linden
* Fingerboard material: Hardwood
* Accessories: 2 picks, 6 strings, strap and cable
* Colour: Natural
* Dimension: 103x40x12cm

Package Content
1 x Acoustic Guitar
1 x Shoulder Strap
2 x Pick
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Guitar Stand
1 x Tuner
6 x Steel Strings
1 x 3m Cable