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The benefits of Trampolining sports equipment built for entertainment, fun, fitness, and safety, the outdoor trampoline for kids is a must-have for your backyard outdoor play equipment!

The first trampolines were invented in the late 19th century. Since then, they have become a popular piece of backyard play equipment for kids and adults alike.

Some of the benefits of Trampolines provide a fun way to get active, and trampoline jumping on one is a good physical activity workout during backyard playtime. Trampolines also help children develop balance, coordination, core strength and motor skills. They can be great fun for active families and provide hours of entertainment.

Kids Trampolines range

You have a great choice in trampolines designs as there is a large variety of different brands, sizes and styles and manufacturers. It is essential to make sure that your favourite trampoline models have all the safety features.

Types of Trampolines for Juniors Outdoor Space

Traditional Trampolines are an excellent way for young kids to be active, one of the many advantage of trampolining is being physically active. There are several types of junior trampolines available on the market. All of them can be suitable for young kids depending on the size of the trampoline, the child's weight and maximum weight capacity. It is always best to view the product listing and check the manufacturer recommendations, but here are a few points to consider when looking at durable trampolines for juniors.

How to choose the perfect size trampoline for compact backyards.

The variety of sizes and shape of your traditional spring or springfree trampoline for kids is up to you, but you should take your child's age, the maximum user weight limits, and the size of your yard into consideration. Your garden space, the area around and beneath the trampoline should be free of obstacles and a level surface. For a safer option remove debris such as concrete, bikes, tools, rocks, walls and ensure the verticle space is free from overhanging trees, electrical wires etc. 

It is important to keep safety in mind, as the size of the entire trampoline enclosure should be considered before buying a trampoline to ensure it fits perfectly into the backyard space you have.

There are many sizes of trampolines for sale, and each will suit a different purpose. The most common trampoline size options is the 12 foot trampoline, which is usually 3.65 metres in diameter and is large enough for children to bounce and tumble on the jumping mat. If you are looking for an affordable trampoline for juniors, you will need to go for a smaller trampoline, around 4.5 ft trampolines to 8 ft in size. If you are looking for extra jumping space the 16 foot is the Biggest Trampoline with metal frame and metal springs. Our mini trampoline with elastic straps is the smallest.

High-Quality Trampoline galvanised steel frame are designed and constructed to ensure long lasting performance in harsh environments.

Awesome Range of Shapes of Trampoline for sale, Circular, Oval and rectangle trampolines

There are many Shapes of Trampoline, Circular, Oval, square and rectangular Trampolines for sale.

Huge Range Quality Trampoline with Springs and Springless

When choosing the perfect trampoline with springs or without springs is another very important factor to consider when purchasing a trampoline from the wide range available.

Safety is, of course, a priority. For peace of mind, be sure the trampoline has a full safety net enclosure, as well as safety mats to cover the trampoline springs to create a safe environment and to reduce the risk of injury. Those who are concerned about safety may find that a springless trampoline is a perfect choice. Get bouncing and check out our trampoline range on our website's different product options! 

Wide Range Trampoline Accessories including Ladder & Basketball Hoop

Add a Trampoline Ladder to Your Garden Trampoline

Trampoline ladders are a great way to get onto your trampoline, and many people choose to add them because access to children is easy and safe to use. They add a nice touch to the look and make it easy to access if the trampoline frame height is too high. 

Quality Kids Trampoline Safety Nets

It is essential to make sure that your trampoline purchase has all the safety features that are standard for trampolines with springs and a spring-free trampoline, as well as being suitable for the entire family. A safe Trampoline with enclosure is connected to the Trampoline poles.  Safety enclosure nets installation to the enclosure pole is encouraged for extra safety and less chance of injuries as they guide bouncers back towards the jumping surfaces if they lose their balance.

Safety Padding Trampoline Components

It is essential to make sure that your trampoline has kids safe padding around the jump mat edge and all the safety features to help prevent trampoline injuries. A soft edge padded with a secure safety pads foundation, you can rest easy knowing that your children can jump around in leisure all day long with the layer of protection. The safety pad assorted product comes in a variety of colours green, pink, rainbow and blue padding. Safety Net installation is encouraged for extra safety and to help prevent falls from trampolines. 

Types of Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Kits

Create fun with a range of Accessories, Jump and slam dunk with a choice of trampoline basketball kit for extra time with family and extra backyard fun. The Basket ball Hoop sets with trampoline attachment will let you slam dunk and shoot while bouncing on the jumping surface, you will have hours of fun shooting basketball goals. Family backyard games with a basketball hoop compatible with your amazing trampolines are a fun design. The heavy-duty basketball hoop accessory for trampolines can be purchased separately or in a complete trampoline package.

Backyard Favourite Trampolines Brands

There is a large variety of different brands, assorted sizes and styles. Best brands in-store at Kids Mega Mart include Lifespan kids Hyperjump Trampoline, Everfit, Kahuna, Plum Play and TP Toys Trampoline

. Tramps are available in many designs and shapes from Springfree Trampoline, spring, inground, mini trampolines, the classic trampoline shape round, square, rectangle and also a variety of colours green, rainbow, pink, blue, black, red and purple.


The parts and frame warranty periods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please view the product description for further information and contact us for warranty claims.

Assembly of Trampoline, you will need to assemble the unit yourself, follow the assembly instructions provided in the assembly manual. If you did not receive assembly instructions in your package, please email us and we will forward them to you.

Favorite brands kid trampoline for Australia Delivery

The shipping method used for Spring and Springless Trampoline playground equipment Online orders is by courier. Dispatch time from the warehouse is approximately 2-4 Business Days. Once your item has been shipped we will email the shipment tracking information. Approximate delivery times vary between 2 - 14 business days depending your locations, allow for additional time during holiday season and peek periods. The day of delivery will most likely be during the weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Springfree and Spring Trampoline online payment method

Spring and Springfree Trampoline make a perfect gift for active children!

Buy Trampolines online now, pay later flexible payment method available. Select products and add items to cart then select your preferred buy now pay later amazing payment method at checkout with Afterpay, Zippay, Zip Money, LatitudePay, Laybuy and Humm secure payment option and instant approval online subject to the merchants terms and conditions.

The range of trampoline for sale at Kids Mega Mart Australia are home domestic trampolines, not for commercial use. Playground Safety, Adult supervision required at all times.