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Product Description

Step Up the Fun with Our Pink Toddler Stool!

In the bustling world of parenting, finding tools that cater to a child's curiosity and eagerness to explore is paramount. One such tool that stands out is the Three-Step Stool with Safety Handles and Non-slip Pedals for Toddlers. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of this toddler learning helper, exploring its design, safety features, and versatile applications.

Design and Durability

At the heart of this toddler 3-step stool ladder is its innovative design. Crafted with a detachable top pedal, it dynamically adjusts to a child's varying height needs. The tool-free detachment mechanism ensures easy adaptation to the appropriate height for your kid, fostering a sense of independence.

The safety features of the children's step-up learning helper are a testament to its thoughtful design. Triple anti-slip elements, including smooth and round handrails, wide pedals with stripes, and non-slip foot pads, prioritize the safety of toddlers during their ascent and descent. Made from safe HDPE material, this 3-step stool is not only a companion in a child's growth but also a sturdy ally. The stable grid structure and reinforced back panel contribute to its overall stability, making it a lasting fixture in a child's exploration journey.

Multifunctionality Unveiled

This 3-step standing tower is not confined to being a mere step stool; it transforms into a versatile tool for various scenarios. Beyond aiding toddlers in reaching greater heights, it doubles as a toilet potty training and normal sitting stool. The multifunctional design caters to a wide range of applications, seamlessly integrating into spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and beyond.

Perfect Gift for Growing Minds

The Three-Step Stool is more than a piece of furniture; it is a companion in a child's journey towards independence. Tailored for children aged 1 year and above, this stool serves as a kitchen and toilet potty training helper. It aids in the development of independence and allows children to explore their surroundings with confidence. Having achieved EN71 certification, this toddler 3-step stool is a reliable choice for parents seeking a safe and durable addition to their child's environment. 

Features at a Glance

  • Removable top pedal: Adjusts to varying height needs.
  • Burr-free and anti-slip handles: Ensures safety during use.
  • Wide pedals with non-slip stripes: Provides secure footing.
  • Selected and premium material: HDPE construction for durability.
  • Reinforced structure with non-slip foot pads: Enhances overall stability.
  • Widely used applications: Suitable for the kitchen counter, sink, toilet, beds, and more.
  • Perfect gift idea: Ideal for children aged 1+ years old.
  • EN71 certifications: Meets safety standards for added reliability.


  • Colour: Pink
  • Material: HDPE
  • Overall Dimension: 43 x 42 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight: 3 kg
  • Recommended Ages: 1+ Years Old
  • Max Weight Capacity: 75 kg


The Three-Step Stool with Safety Handles and Non-slip Pedals for Toddlers emerges as a beacon of safety, design innovation, and multifunctionality in the realm of toddler furniture. Its commitment to safety, coupled with its versatile applications, positions it as a valuable asset in nurturing a child's independence. Choose the Three-Step Stool to elevate your child's exploration experience, ensuring they reach new heights safely and confidently.

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